We live in a typical Victorian terrace house in the London suburb of Surrey, which we purchased just over two years ago. We have gutted every room and built a side return extension, which I will talk about in another post. Although we have a very generous loft space, which is crying out to be converted, the house had no storage, well, what it had, we ripped out. This consisted of an under stairs cupboard and a low level unit in the front room.

The first area we battled was the sitting room which was now part of a large open plan kitchen/living area. We took the wall down under the stairs and knocked out the dinghy cupboard and boy, what a transformation. It made the room feel so much bigger instantly! But, this was a big decision. We weighed up the pro’s and con’s over a free standing unit vs fitted furniture but found the free standing unit had more con’s. These cons included a) there will be too many wires on show b) how will we hide the gas metre c) near enough impossible to find a free standing unit to perfectly fit the space d) it won’t provide enough storage, the list goes on. So, fitted cupboards it was! The end result couldn’t have been better. Ample storage, not a wire in sight, the gas metre even has its own cupboard and, well, it just looks fabulous tucked neatly under the stairs. A few paint coats later of Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Grey, it was ready to use!

Here is a before and after shot.


1 (143)

1 (379)

1 (333)

1 (335)


The next storage task was the front room. Here housed a rather old fitted cupboard doing its only job of concealing the electric metre and fuse board. Now, this is a typical Victorian room with a chimney breast and an alcove either side. So…do we buy free standing cupboards or build built in cupboards either side? We went for the latter. This means no space is wasted and as we had now lost our under stairs storage so these were going to be important storage cupboards. The right hand cupboard would again house the electric metre and fuse board, which has had a shelf built around it to section it off, meaning the other side of the cupboard is a perfect home for the hoover and ironing board. Above we hung hooks for coats and bags etc. The left hand cupboard consists of four shelves which currently proudly display our shoes. I am sure over time we will find a lot more ‘stuff’ to fill these cupboards with.

Here is another before and after photo.


hook road (7)


The front room is painted in Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone and the woodwork is Dulux Brilliant White.

And lastly, our bedroom. You guessed it, we went for a fitted wardrobe here too. We decided to have double hanging space, a row each.


image 30

The room is painted in Farrow & Ball Cornforth White and again the woodwork is Dulux Brilliant White.

The beauty of fitted furniture is it’s completely bespoke. You can have what you want! Well, within reason. You can paint it whatever colour you like, choose whatever handles you like and most importantly choose whatever design you like. Flat door, shaker style door, beaded door, cornice, no cornice…tailor to your preference.


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