Bathroom envy; a condition I have been suffering from since we moved into our house over two years ago. It was the last room on the list to be renovated and in hindsight, I am not sure why it wasn’t one of the first.

When it came to designing this room I was in my absolute element. Most days I am designing luxury bathrooms for my clients that I could only dream of having something even close. But now it was our turn!

Being a Victorian property, the bathroom is a good size as it would have originally been a bedroom whilst the loo was outside and the bath tub in front of a fireplace elsewhere. Oh to go back in time and see how they lived!

The bathroom consisted of a loo, pedestal basin, small radiator and a damaged acrylic roll top bath. There was also a large cupboard which completely obstructed the room, which would have housed the hot water cylinder before the combi boiler was installed. The walls were green, the lighting was terrible and the floor was a moulding shiny laminate. Am I painting a good picture? Take a look for yourself….


One of the issues with the bathroom was the chimney breast, they take up so much room, so we needed to come up with an idea to fit in a bath and a good size separate shower. Luckily the bathroom had quite a good layout already so no pipes had to be moved which was just as well because we did not want the new extension roof below opened up to get to redirect the soil waste etc. The second issue was getting the waste to the new shower position. This was to be in place of the cupboard so the only way to do this was to raise the whole floor. Fortunately we had a very good ceiling height of just over 2.7m. However, this did mean the original Victorian cast iron fireplace had to be removed in order to raise the floor. I know, I know, you should never remove original features, but on this occasion, having a shower was a priority. So onto eBay it went.

Here are some progress shots.

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bathroom 3

Bathroom 5

The goal was to create a boutique hotel style bathroom, traditional with a contemporary twist. I wanted to see marble tiles and wooden panelling! We went with my favourite tile, the Marvel Calacatta Extra in a matt finish in 60 x 60cm from Minoli Tiles. The sanitary ware is from Victoria Plumb except for the vanity unit which is from Bath Store. The shower enclosure was the most expensive (eye watering) item, as it is three-sided we had it made bespoke by Fast Glass. The shutters were supplied and fitted by The Shutter Shop and the circular mirror is from William Wood. Naturally this room follows the grey theme like the rest of the house and is painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Purbeck Stone’ which compliments the grey veining in the tiles beautifully and looks so crisp against the while panelling and sanitary ware.

We couldn’t be happier. It is our dream bathroom. Here it is in all its glory.

Bathroom (6)

Bathroom (1)

Bathroom (4)

Bathroom (3)Bathroom (2)Bathroom (5)


  1. Lovely seeing completed Millwater. Just looked at your blog and you’ve created some fantastic properties, Claire. Look forward to seeing more – when you’ve had a well deserved rest of course 😊 xx


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