Today, we are living through the explosion of plantation shutters and every other house you drive past is likely to have them. They are becoming increasingly popular and taking over our most common forms of window treatments; curtains and blinds.

I am a huge fan and have had them installed in to many projects.

But why? Because they aren’t cheap. So here my top five reasons as to why I will always choose shutters.

  1. They look fabulous from the outside of your home, creating that all important kerb appeal giving off that luxury look.
  2. They are an investment. Curtains and blinds will date and become worn over time whereas shutters are timeless. They will never go out of fashion and the white wood will go with any colour palette as a room is re-decorated over time. So in the long run, they are the cheaper option. There are shutters for all budgets, from MDF to basswood and white teak. Shutters are not a fad, they’ve been around since Greek times!
  3. The simplicity of shutters will transform your room making it feel more bright and airy. The white of the wood is simple and elegant and gives that clean and crisp look. They give off such a wow factor.
  4. Shutters give you privacy that curtains and blinds simply cannot do. They offer such versatility. Go for ‘full height’ with a mid-rail so you can keep the bottom section shut for privacy but the top open for light or the ‘tier on tier’ option where the top section opens independently from the bottom. This means you can fold the shutters back to be completely opened if you do not wish to have them over your windows at all times. Shutters also offer great privacy by tilting the louvers so wandering eyes cannot see in but the natural light can still pour in.
  5. Shutters suit both traditional and contemporary styles. Smaller louvers and a tilt rod suit a more traditional style whereas larger louvers and a hidden tilt rod give off a more modern and contemporary look.

Here are some images from two recent projects where the shutters have been supplied and fitted by The Shutter Shop.


millwater (6)

Hook Rd (64)

Bathroom (6)

French Gardens After

Hook Rd (202)

*This post is in collaboration with The Shutter Shop but all opinions and writing are my own. I would never promote a brand or a product I wouldn’t use myself.






  1. I love a shutter but have just moved into a 1970s house with large windows… do you think it’s possible to pull of shutters in this period style? Thanks


  2. I don’t find them dark enough for children’s bedrooms, perhaps if I went for a more superior brand I would get more of the blackout effect? I have them in my sons room but had to have blackout curtains made to go over the top as he was waking up so early 😕😕


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