Windows are the eyes of the property and are the most important external feature of a building. Windows alone can absolutely transform any property and as an owner of Victorian home, it is no wonder that I swear by sash windows.

Victorian and Georgian buildings are by far the most attractive properties in the UK and this is mostly down to their beautiful large sash windows.  When embarking on a new project, before I have even thought about the internal alterations, my first thought is always how I am going to create kerb appeal? Nine times out of ten, this includes installing sash windows. Two recent projects have both been Victorian properties so the decision to install sash windows was a given but when a property is not from that era, I still always endeavour to transform the façade by adding sash windows. Kerb appeal is absolutely vital and the answer can be as simple as replacing the windows with sashes.

Traditionally we all know sash windows to be made from timber but they are pricey and wood comes with its own problems including rot, swelling or distortion and the constant maintenance of needing to re-paint them. But what is the alternative? Because the thought of uPVC windows is enough to make any designer shudder and after years of seeing so many poor quality plastic replicas on the market with ‘stuck on horns’ and quite frankly just lumps of plastic, I was about to place my order for timber sash windows. Then I came across Roseview Windows and I was absolutely blown away.

Roseview Windows were established in 1977 and are the UK’s leading sash window manufacturer. They were the first company in the UK to manufacture the uPVC double glazed sash window in 1985 so understandably, their knowledge and experience is the best.

Their high-end uPVC sliding sash windows are specifically designed to closely replicate the original features of a traditional timber sash window. With their ornate run-through horns, welded corner details, Rehau profile and bevelled profile details, they are extremely high quality and the best uPVC sash windows on the market. You would absolutely mistake them for timber.

What attracted me to them the most was that the product is accepted in conservation areas throughout the country and that in itself says enough about the quality! And as it turns out, our most recent project is in Cobham’s conservation area in Surrey, so the product was perfect.

Here are the Heritage Rose windows in all their glory on our recent Cobham project.


1 (18)

1 (17)




Internally the windows can open from the top of bottom for high or low level ventilation and the bottom sash is inward tilting to allow you to clean the outside of the windows from the inside. The windows are available in five different colours and finishes or can be painted to any RAL colour.

On our Cobham project we opted for acoustic glass to increase sound insulation which has been well worth it. As the property is close to the road and opposite the river and the mill, the moving water is loud. The acoustic glass makes the house almost completely silent.

Here are some photos of the windows from inside.

Kitchen (10)

Kitchen (8)

Kitchen (17)



millwater (8)

millwater (15)

I have also installed the Heritage windows on a smaller project, a Victorian terrace.

*This post has been created as a paid collaboration with Roseview Windows but, as always, all opinions and writing are my own. I would never promote a brand or a product I don’t believe in.



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