Wooden flooring or a tiled floor; one of the most common questions we ask ourselves when renovating our homes. I have to say, I always opt for wood. For me, a wooden floor gives a much more homely feel, it adds warmth and texture whereas I find a tiled floors give off a colder feel. Plus, let’s face is, we are not living in a villa on the Med!

One of my favourite wooden flooring brands is Boen Flooring. They are the leading European manufacturer of quality hardwood flooring sold in more than fifty countries worldwide so it is no surprise they offer such a wide variety of options. Whether you are after a pure Nordic, a modern rustic, an urban contrast or a classic elegance look, you are sure to find what you are looking for. With an easy website to navigate through you can also see how the flooring options will look by setting the room type and then selecting the pattern and angle. It’s a great tool.

I specified the Oak Arizona flooring for one of my projects which we completed in 2016. It was a large 10,000 sqf new build mansion in Surrey. I wanted to create something a bit different. Different to all the other new build mansions. I didn’t want to see more wrought iron staircases and large tiled floors, I wanted to create a more traditional feel and the type of flooring used would play a crucial role in getting the look right. As soon as I saw the Oak Arizona sample I knew it would work perfectly. It had a rich and warm tone but also went well with the grey colour palette. By laying the floor in a Herringbone pattern it created that beautiful elegant and traditional look which was complimented perfectly with the large timber staircase which was supplied and installed by SMET staircases. The same flooring was used throughout the ground floor except for the cinema room, kitchen, utility and plant room. together with the timber panelled doors, the chunky architraves and skirting boards, high ceilings and oversized cornice, the look was perfect. It was exactly what I envisaged.

The Boen flooring was supplied and installed by my local fitter, Country Carpets in Walton, Surrey.







* This post has been created as a paid collaboration with Boen Flooring but all opinions and writing are my own. I would never promote a brand or product I wouldn’t buy or use myself.



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