As an interior designer, we consider rugs as an essential part of a room’s decoration. They define spaces, frame ambiences and establish interfaces whilst conveying a sensation of warmth that creates a welcoming work or home environment. Rugs convey emotions and beyond the impression created by their beauty, colours, textures and design, rugs also affect mood.

A rug suits any space and they are great for zoning open plan areas. In fact, they are essential for zoning. As most of us live with open plan living areas now, zoning the space is key and I have worked with many clients that struggle to define these seperate areas due to a lack of key furniture and accessories.

Ground Floor (10)

Ground Floor (12)

The key to making a rug work, irrelevant of how big or small the space is, is to go a big as possible. A rug that is too small runs the risk of looking lost. For example, in a sitting area, by having the front legs of your furniture on the rug, with the rug running about half way underneath, this will draw the furniture together and create a focal point. In an open plan space, this will zone the area perfectly as the sitting area away from the dining space and kitchen. Introducing a rug to your room gives an instant feel of warmth and luxury.

Ground Floor (2)

Ground Floor (5)

Rugs are also a very easy way to introduce texture and a pop of colour to a room as they are easy to change with fashion or if you go off the rug, much easier than re-decorating!

They are extremely easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. The secret to keeping a rug in good condition is to vacuum it regularly and to clean spillages before they dry. Keeping rugs clean, dry and in good condition enhances ambient air quality and helps minimize allergic reactions, as they act as natural filters, trapping and retaining dust particles, which are the main cause of allergies. Did you know that rooms with rugs in contain up to eight times fewer airborne dust particles, hugely enhancing air quality!

The fibre composition from wool and jute rugs provides outstanding natural heat insulation and makes them fully antistatic. They also act as soundproofing by dampening footsteps and absorbing ambient noise to create relaxed and harmonious spaces that foster productivity, combat stress and enhance well-being.



When we gave our open plan sitting room a little re-vamp I was on the hunt for a large but cost effective rug. I chose the Guru Fusion Oyster from Modern Rugs in the largest size of 200 x 300cm which is a hand woven wool. I have fallen in love with this rug. Not only is it so soft to walk on, it finishes the room off perfectly and actually makes the space feel much larger than the previous smaller rug did! It really is amazing what a good rug can do to a space.

Ground Floor (9)

* This post has been created as a paid collaboration with Modern Rugs, with the rug being supplied to me to create the blog post, but, as always, all opinions and writing are my own. I would never promote a brand or a product I wouldn’t buy myself.

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