I can’t believe its Christmas already, this year has whizzed past. I love Christmas but the best bit is defiantly the lead up. Every year I’ve said im going to make my own wreath rather than buy one, but every year I fail for one reason or another. So this year, finally, I did.

I foraged my own foliage from the woods local to me. Off I went with a large blue Ikea bag to collect my goods!

The easiest way to make your own wreath is with an Oasis ring as you simply just poke the greenery into the foam. I bought this Oasis ring from Amazon, which came as a pack of two. You will also need thick string, fishing wire, pine from a Christmas tree, greenery, embellishments and ribbon, if you want to add them and a pair of good scissors.

The night before I made the wreath, I soaked the Oasis ring in a bucket over night face down. This way the ring would soak up the water slowly and keep the greenery alive for longer. You want the ring to be full of water, so it will be quite heavy.

Before you start adding the foliage, loop your string around the Oasis ring as this is how you will hang it. I started with the Blue Spruce which is Christmas tree pine but from the woods. This formed the base of my wreath which added depth and volume as I built it up. It’s best to cut small pieces from the pine branch and pull the needles off at the bottom so you have a bare stem to push into the Oasis. Once you have added small branches all the way around the outside of the ring, add to the flat top of the ring. This greenery will be what covers the Oasis.





I then gave all the branches a little trim to make it more round.


Then you can start adding your more decorative greenery. I wanted my wreath to be very green, big and bushy so I simply just added Ivy with purple and green berries and Holly and red berries on top of the Blue Spuce pine.

As it was quite full I trimmed back the foliage in the middle to get more of a clear ring shape.


Now it was ready to hang. I used a few flat head drawing pins which I hammered into the top of the door so as not to damage the timber door.






The wreath was so easy and simple to make. I’m already looking forward to making next years!






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