It’s so important to us when we go away that our home is safe and our pets are being cared for. Homesitters are the perfect service offering house sitting whilst looking after your precious fur babies too. We have two Labradoodles. Ronnie and Rocky who are ten and nine, although we still call them ‘the puppies’. They have never been to kennels and always been cared for in the comfort of their own home each time we’ve been away over the years to cause the least disruption to them and their routines. It also means we can rest assure than our home is safe and doesn’t look empty whilst we’re away. They will even get shopping in upon your return if you wish.

The home sitters are usually retired couples who travel far and wide across the country to look after people’s homes and pets. This was our first experience with the company, as we usually have a family friend who cares for Ronnie and Rocky, but we have neighbours and friends that have used them and have been using the same sitters for years. Most of their regular customers do us the same sitter which is great as your pets get to know the sitters and vice versa and the sitters are familiar with your home and area.

Prior to your departure the home sitters will come and meet you at your home to meet you to make sure both parties are happy with each other, have a tour of the house and meet your pets. This is an additional charge, you pay for the sitters mileage for this visit. The benefit of using the same sitter each time is that this meeting doesn’t need to happen again.

During our ten days in the USA our sitters sent us regular updates on Ronnie and Rocky including lots of photos. They let the cleaning lady and gardener in and everything in the house carried on as normal. They tend to leave just before you arrive home as when you are tired from travelling, especially if you took an overnight flight like we did, it’s always nicer to come home and just relax.

Ronnie and Rocky were very pleased to see us and the house had been left very tidy for our return.


*This post has been written in collaboration with Homesitters with the service being provided to us free of charge in exchange for this blog post and social media exposure. All writing and opinions are my own. As always, I would never promote and brand or product I wouldn’t pay for myself.

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